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Welcome to Figaro Hire...  putting the fun back into Motoring at prices the Modern Motorist can afford.

The Figaro cars are enjoyable to drive and put a smile on your face, whether  it's on the open road or sitting in a jam, with us its not the destination, its the  getting there.


We are car enthusiasts who like old and unusual cars , cars that are still enjoyable to drive. We find them, restore them, maintain them and provide them for hire so that others can enjoy them as well.


We hope to hire to a wide cross range of people, from classic car enthusiasts to those possibly seeking to try before buying, Car pool members who want something different, someone who only uses a car occasionally or someone who wants a nice car for the weekend or a special day.

We operate a delivery and collection system in London at only £15 per journey and can make arrangements to either collect you or deliver the cars to Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes and other parts of the South and SouthWest at a cost of £20 plus petrol and Rail fares. Offices in London and Brixham, Devon.


For other available retro cars, visit